were born for working

What makes malinois an universal dog for working

Good health

Endurance and good health make Malinois ready to serve people for many years.

Staying power

Willingness to work in all weather conditions is the best quality for a service dog.

Developed Inborn Instincts

Quick skills development and the ability to be useful in any sport with a dog or service.

Social qualities

Activities aimed at cooperation with humans are a distinctive feature of the breed.

Belgian Schepherd

Page of the Belgian Shepherd Dog on the website of the International Dog Training Organization FCI here >>>

4 types of Belgian Shepherd:

  • Malinois
  • Tervueren
  • Groenendael
  • Laekenois


one of the varieties of belgian shepherd.

Questions about malinois

Are malinois overly active?

Of course, Malinois is more active than many other breeds. But they have a great time waiting for their home owners.

How Malinois are with children?

As in any other breed, it all depends on genetics and breeding. You always need to look at the parents of the puppies to predict the behavior of the future dog. We try to breed social dogs that communicate well with all family members.

How easy are malinois to train?

Malinois is the best breed for most types of training and service in the police and army. They are unpretentious and always ready to work. As soon as the puppy comes to your house, you must immediately begin training and form new habits. For Malinois, a clear schedule of rules is important. We will always be there to help you.

Can I handle Malinois?

We assist the owners of our puppies in raising, training and training dogs. Living with Malinois will not be harder than with a dog of a different breed.

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