Malinois puppies

in Gratsiano kennel

28.09.2022 new puppies were born
1 male 💙 and 4 females 💖

Pendez Vou Version Malines and Uma iz Gratsiano breeding

Uma iz Gratsiano

Vinner and PrizeWinner IGP3 Championatships
3*Working Champion of Ukraine

Working-dog page

Rendes vou Version Malines

Rendez Vou Version Malines

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10.10.2022 new puppies were born
K-litter (double litter of our H-litter)
6 males 💙 and 7 females 💖

Be Cool iz Gratsiano

Mother of Gratsiano F and H litters

Working Champion of Ukraine in IGP3 2020

More about her on Working-dog

Cane Codi-Fin

Prizewinner of FMBB WC 2022

Winner IGP3 in 🇨🇿

More about him on Working-dog

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Tatiana Pravda

Read more about the litter on the working-dog website (ancestors, parents’ performances at competitions, videos, photos). Access to the site after registration. Watching video from the competition only for users with a premium account (after prepayment). If you are seriously focused on sports with a dog and are looking for a puppy for this, then registration on this resource is worth it. Because here you can meet all the famous sports dogs of different breeds. A complete database of dogs in IGP sport.