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We had exams

Today we have joyful news!

1️⃣ The debut in IGP took place for three littermates

💥⚡️🌟 Our Eshki passed the IGP1 trials.

We are very pleased that at their young age (19 months), they showed commendable work, and in the next season, they will be ready to compete.

💥Euros iz Gratsiano scored 287 points (97-95-95)
💥Esh iz Gratsiano scored 292 points (97-97-98)
💥Etuz iz Gratsiano scored 281 points (96-89-96)

2️⃣ Our Winner of the Ukrainian Championship in IGP1 didn’t stop at that and hastened to pass IGP2.

💥Cobra iz Gratsiano scored 288 points (98-93-97)

3️⃣ Frodo iz Gratsiano (owner and handler Elena Gladkova, Sumy) passed BH-VT with 57 points.