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Training with Gratsiano Team

  • If you want to improve your relationship with your dog
  • If your are looking for activity with you dog
  • If you would like to pass training tests with your dog
  • If you would like to prepare a dog during boarding
  • If you have there is a group of people in the city who are keen on training, and you do not have enough fresh ideas in working with dogs
  • If you live in Poland and you like our working methods
  • If you plan to purchase a dog for joint outdoor activities and training

What we offer

Educational video courses
We have prepared video materials for training handlers and dogs. If you live far from us, this is a chance to familiarize yourself with our training methods and learn from our experience.
Online consultations
Sometimes the problem with training is not as daunting as it seems. Often, a few pieces of advice can make your work more beautiful, engaging, and correct. If you’ve hit a roadblock in your training, this is an opportunity for you.
Seminars and workshops worldwide
If you have a large team of like-minded individuals but lack knowledge, then this option is for you. Our trainers are always ready to share their knowledge and make your dog stronger.
Dog Training Grounds in Poland
If you are a resident of Poland, you and your dog are in luck. We have several training grounds throughout the country, and you can choose a convenient location for your sessions.
Dog training at a boarding kennel
If you don’t have time for training your dog, but preparation and passing BH or IPO (IGP) tests are essential, then this is the option for you.»
Dog hotel in Poland

Since 2005, we have prepared many dogs of different breeds for passing various tests and tests.

Here is a list of our students

We use our many years of experience to improve relationships with your dog and make training a favorite activity.

your dream will come closer!

We will do our best
to make your dog love training and
soon IGP (IPO) tests become a reality