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Championship of Ukraine 2020 in IBGH 1-3

Команда Грациано

14 October 2020

Krasylovka, Ukraine

Judge Daria Nastevich 🇺🇦

We are happy about the successes of our students!

Congratulations to our Team!!! Вице-Победитель в командном первенстве
Team Leader is Kateryna Vasylyk

🏆 Juryi Kazymir with Matchless Marion z Bedynky – Winner in IBGH3 with 91 points (trainer Tatiana Pravda)

🏆 Anastasia Yuzhanenko with Live Saga s Planety Saraksh – Winner IBGH1 with 97 points (trainer Tatiana Pravda)

🏆 Natalia Polivanchuk with Asya – Vice Winner in IBGH1 with 96 points (trainer Daria Nastevich)

🏆 Kateryna Korzh with From Kasta Ukraine Chelsea – 3 place in IBGH1 with 91 points (trainer Daria Nastevich)