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How to Prepare for Your Malinois Puppy

So, you’ve already chosen the parents of your future dog and arranged with the breeder the day when the little bundle of joy, full of energy and armed with sharp teeth and claws, will enter your home and add a multitude of new emotions, sensations, and experiences to your life. Even if this isn’t your first dog, even if it’s the second, third, fourth, and so on, a Malinois is still a new dog – always like a new, unread book. You never know what awaits you ahead.

As with the purchase of any puppy of any breed, it’s essential to clarify and coordinate the following questions with the breeder in advance:

Vaccinations – which ones have already been done and which ones need to be done and when.
Food – what the puppies ate at the breeder’s place and, if the owner plans to switch from feeding with kibble to a natural diet or vice versa, how best to do it.
Treatment for worms and ticks (due to the increasing incidence of piroplasmosis among dogs, this becomes particularly relevant).
Documents the puppy will receive. Typically, this includes a veterinary passport and a puppy card (if the dog is sold in Ukraine) or an export pedigree (if it is going to another country). Our puppies receive the export pedigree after they have already left for their owners. After it is produced at the Ukrainian Kennel Union, we send it to the owners by mail.
So, what do you need to buy when the puppy arrives:

  • Food
  • Vitamins (if necessary)
  • Food and water bowl (preferably metal, so the puppy can’t chew it up).
  • Bedding
  • Crate or kennel for transportation in the car. It’s very convenient and safe for the dog. You can leave the puppy in it at home until it learns to stay calm alone and not misbehave.
  • Toys — ball, roller. Preferably made of durable material, produced by companies specializing in training gear.
  • Leash for walks; you can also use a retractable leash.
  • Collar — with a sturdy fastener and a welded ring for attaching the leash.
  • Nail clippers and a brush. We use a furminator to tidy up the coat during shedding.

Because Since we are talking about a Malinois puppy, then most likely you are planning to start training as quickly as possible. Therefore, you will need some things for training and development.

  1. Training Treats: Larger-sized kibble for training, facilitating ease of handling and engagement during sessions.
  2. Clicker: A tool for positive reinforcement training, marking precise moments of desired behavior.
  3. Training Collar and Leash: Essential for basic control and leash training.
  4. Toys for Mental Stimulation: Puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, and interactive play toys to challenge your puppy’s mind.
  5. Puppy Pads or Potty Training Supplies: For indoor training, especially if your puppy is not fully vaccinated.
  6. Whistle: Useful for specific commands and recall training.
  7. Training Mat or Blanket: A designated area for training, providing a clear boundary for your puppy.
  8. Crate or Playpen: A secure space for your puppy, aiding in house training and creating a comfortable environment.
  9. Grooming Tools: Brushes or combs, depending on the coat type.
  10. Toys for Training: Ball on a rope, two rollers, a cushion or small bolster, and a bumbon (for various training exercises).
  11. Various Leashes: One for obedience, two longer ones (3-4 meters) for protection training, and a thin, 10-meter tracking lead.
  12. Items for Tracking: Objects and flags for tracking exercises.
  13. Wide Collar: A sturdy collar for training purposes.
  14. Pinch Collar and E-Collar (for the future): For more advanced training.
  15. Tab: A short leash for quick control.
  16. Training Clothes: Vest with pockets for treats and toys, and gloves for hand protection.

This list covers a range of items to ensure your Malinois puppy receives proper training, mental stimulation, and socialization. Remember to keep training sessions positive, short, and enjoyable for your puppy.

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