Gratsiano Malinois

We breed, raise and train Belgian Malinois for IGP from finest working bloodlines in the world.

Belgian malinois

Gratsiano breeding

Malinois for life and work

We are with malinois breed from 2010.

We use in breeding only the Best bloodlines in the world.

All our stud malinois are genetic tested.

Our females.

Our first malinois Mecberger Lulu came from famous finish kennel Mecberger in 2010 . We took from her perfect dogs with different blood combination. Now we have some her daughters and granddaughters in our breeding program.

Mecberger Lulu

Date of birth 19.04.2010.

She lived with us from her 2 months age. And every day she gives us a lot of fun and pleasant emotions because her fantastic character. Strength and calmness of real shepherd make her perfect for any dog sport and for living as family member. We would like to get this type of malinois in out breeding.

Uma iz Gratsiano

Uma is a daughther Mecberger Lulu и famous Germany stud male Orcan vom Further Moor. She outclasses her mother in strength and dominants in work. But at home, she in polite and playful family member. This tow her sides makes her ideal dog for sport and living with human.

Be Cool iz Gratsiano - working malinois

Be Cool iz Gratsiano

Daughther of Uma iz Gratsaino and Germany stud male Howard des Mauvais, granddaughter of our Queen Lulu, Kulya (It is her home name) took the Best qualities from dogs in her pedigree. She is uncompromising in work, strong and energetic with figurant and very tender and playful with usual life.

She has absolutely balanced character and give it to her progeny. It makes her very advantage in our breeding

Esh iz Gratsiano

Date of birth 29/03/2019

Father: Arkan von der Schwarzen Mamba

Mother: Mecberger Lulu.

Our males

Tuz iz Gratsiano

20.10.2012 / 16.06.2018

Our Honor! Our Legend!

IPO3 World Championatship 2017 – 3rd place.

He died in the his Best age, but his short life was very interesting and full a lot of winning and achievements.

Etuz iz Gratsiano

Date of birth 29/03/2019

Father: Arkan von der Schwarzen Mamba

Mother: Mecberger Lulu