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We invite you on web of working lines Belgian malinois kennel “iz Gratsiano”!

We breed, rise and train Belgian malinois from the best working blood lines.

In you have a dog (shepherd, malinois, dobermann, rottweiler or ect.) and you would like to train it by IGP, contact us. We help you to do this.

Gratsiano Malinois

We breed, raise and train Belgian Malinois for IGP from finest working bloodlines in the world.

Orange female – 1 month
Pink female – 1 month
Violet female – 1 month
Green female – 1 month
Females – violet and orange
Females – violet and pink
Male – red
Orange female + red male
Male – yellow
Female pink
Female orange
Male blue
Male Braun – 1 month
Male Grey
Male – Light blue
Male – Blue
Male – Yellow
Male – Red
Male – Green

We are waiting puppies.
Date of birth December 2020.

Adult dogs for sale.

❇ For IGP dog sport and loving Family
❇ The Best working blood lines

💥💥💥 Etuz iz Gratsiano 💥💥💥

BH-VT, IGP1 281 (96-89-96). Ready for IGP3 exam.
Date of birth 29/03/2019
Father: Arkan von der schwarzen Mamba
Mother: Mecberger Lulu

Hank iz Gratsiano – Poland Border Guard Dog

Working line malinois

We breed malinois from 2010.
We use in breeding only the Best Europian stud. 
All dogs are check on genetic diseases.

Our breeding malinois lives in 17 countries.

Дрессировка собак в Украине

20 years to taking part in IPO-IGP competitions

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Baxus iz Gratsiano passed IGP2
Baxus iz Gratsiano passed IGP2

Baxus iz Gratsiano Father: Howard des Mauvais Mother: Uma iz Gratsiano Owner: Polona Bonac (Slovenia) 20/06/2020 passed IGP2 with Great result Track – 99 points Obedience – 98 points…

Dog for sport – what is it?
Dog for sport – what is it?

As a person engaged in sports training for more than 20 years and breeding dogs for sports for about 10 years, I regularly come across a discussion of this topic. Unfortunately, the topic of sports wi…