Dog training at the dog-hotel

  • If you need to go on vacation or a business trip and you don’t know where to leave the dog
  • If your dog needs to pass training tests for participation in the exhibition, passing tests, breeding, etc.
  • If you live in a city where there is no instructor and your experience and knowledge do not allow you to quickly and efficiently prepare your dog

We can help you

We train on dog hotel by:

  • BH-VT (Собака-компаньон)
  • IGP (IPO) 1-3
  • ZTP
  • Koerung
  • Working test for dobermann or germany schepherd
  • Socialization and home obedience
  • Body-guarding

Also you can stay your dog in our home hotel during your leaving

From 2005

dogs where trained by

Tatiana Pravda and Yulian Hatala

From 2020
Maksiam Karnauh and Ekaterina Vasilik
students ⬇️

Darian Nastevich trained and passed exam with german shepherds by BH и IPO (IGP) ⬇️