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Uma iz Gratsiano

Uma iz Gratsiano is the daughter of Mecberger Lulu and the famous German stud male Orcan vom Further Moor. She surpasses her mother in strength of mind and firmness in work. However, at home, she is a wonderful member of our family, gentle and sociable with everyone. Dominance in work does not prevent her from being a pet. Because of this we love this beautiful dog.

Чемпионат мира FMBB 2019

Date of birth 7.12.2013

Father: Orcan vom Further Moor

Mother: Mecberger Lulu

HD-A, ED-0


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Results in IGP sport

Uma started to compete on championatships, when she barely turned 18 months old (the minimum age at which dogs are allowed to pass the IGP1 test)

Winner in IPO1 “Ukraine Cup” Dnepropetrovsk, 23-25.07.2015. САСТ. With 289 points (99-97-92). The Best in Track. The Best in Obedience. Judge Victor Chernyavskiy UA

The Best Track – 99 points on “Ukrtrains Cup” 6-8.11.2015. 6 place in total.

The Best Obedience – 94 points “Vasilkov Cup” 30.04.2016. 3rd PrizeWinner in IPO1. Judge Dmitriy Kozorez UA

Winner “SKVNOU Cup 2016” Ronmy. with 271 балл (85-96-90). Judge Alexey Topchiy UA

Ukrainian Champion in IPO3 2016. CACIT. CACT. 3-6.11.2016 with 285 points (96-93-96). The Best Track. The Best Protection. Judges Mike Greub SW, Dusan Majtas SK

The Best Obedience in IPO3 “Ukrtrains Cup 2017” – 91 points. 6 place in total. Judge Edrar Scherkl DE

ViceWinner of Ukraine in IPO3 2017. R.CACIT. R.CACT. 12-15.10.2017. Romny. Judge Hari Arcon SL with 280 (92-93-95). The same result in Protection with Tuz iz Gratsiano – 95 points.

Ukrainian Champion in IPO3 2018. IPO3 Winner. СACIT. CACT. Berezan 18-21.10.2018 with 283 points (95-92-96). Judge Dusan Majtas SK

Winner of “Vasilkov Cup 2019” CACIT. 25-27.04.2019 with 276 points (96-89-91). The Best Track. Judge Igor Lengvarsky SK

Ukrainian Champion 2019. Winner in IGP 3. CACIT. CACT. with 287 points (97-92-98). The Best Protection – 98 poinths. Judge Alexey Topchiy UA, Jozef Adamuscun SK

FCI-2017 – 261 poins (83-92-86) – 77 place

FMBB-2018 261 (93-80-86) – 25 place

FMBB-2019 242 (70-82-90) – 58 place

FCI-2019 256 (80-80-96)

The most successful dog in protection IGP part