Results in work and IPO-IGP dog sport

Best Obedience

Tatiana Pravda
Mecberger Lulu

Final FMBB-2013
7 place

Tatiana Pravda
Mecberger Lulu

FCI IPO3 – 2017

Yulian Hatala
Tuz iz Gratsiano

Gratsiano Team
Ukrainian Champion
2016, 2017, 2018

Our Team result

Only one in Ukrane
7 titles CACIT

Mecberger Lulu

2016 and 2018

Tuz iz Gratsiano

Only one in Ukraine
Champion in IGP3

Uma iz Gratsiano

The Best Obediene
WM FCI – IPO3 2017

Daria Nastevich
Mecberger Lulu

Agrosoyuz Cup 2008
Team winner

Tatiana Pravda and Doche Vita iz Gratsiano – 2 place IPO3
Yulian Hatala and Tahi Reme Gerrett – 3 place IPO3
Tatiana Pravda and Chelsea iz Gratsiano – 1 place IPO1

WM IDC 2008
16 place

Yulian Hatala
Tahi Reme Gerrett

WM IDC 2007
8 place

Tatiana Pravda
Dolche Vita iz Gratsiano

Agrosoyuz Cup 2009
IPO1 Winner

Tatiana Pravda
Chelsea iz Gratsiano

WM FMBB-2019
Our breeding dogs from 4 countries in national Teams
2 dogs in final.

Анна Дьячек и Ferro iz Gratsiano – 12 место.
Ян Скогстер и Ukrainer iz Grastiano – 19 место.

Champion of Finland
2016 и 2018

Jan Skogster
Ukrainer iz Gratsiano

Championship of Russia IPO3 – 2015
The Best IPO3 results

Larisa Bahturina
Tuzbo iz Gratsiano

Training Camp
Gratsiano. Kiev. 2019.

Young Gratsiano 🙂

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We can train dogs to win.
And our competition results speak for themselves
Baxus iz Gratsiano passed IGP2

Baxus iz Gratsiano Father: Howard des Mauvais Mother: Uma iz Gratsiano Owner: Polona Bonac (Slovenia) 20/06/2020 passed IGP2 with Great result Track – 99 points Obedience – 98 points…

Dog for sport – what is it?

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