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Results in work and IPO-IGP dog sport

Best Obedience

Tatiana Pravda
Mecberger Lulu

Final FMBB-2013
7 place

Tatiana Pravda
Mecberger Lulu

FCI IPO3 – 2017

Yulian Hatala
Tuz iz Gratsiano

Gratsiano Team
Ukrainian Champion
2016, 2017, 2018

Our Team result

Only one in Ukrane
7 titles CACIT

Mecberger Lulu

2016 and 2018

Tuz iz Gratsiano

Only one in Ukraine
Champion in IGP3

Uma iz Gratsiano

The Best Obediene
WM FCI – IPO3 2017

Daria Nastevich
Mecberger Lulu

Our results with dobermanns

Dobermanist is forever !

We are proud of the experience and results that our dogs showed.

Agrosoyuz Cup 2008
Team winner

Tatiana Pravda and Doche Vita iz Gratsiano – 2 place IPO3
Yulian Hatala and Tahi Reme Gerrett – 3 place IPO3
Tatiana Pravda and Chelsea iz Gratsiano – 1 place IPO1

WM IDC 2008
16 place

Yulian Hatala
Tahi Reme Gerrett

WM IDC 2007
8 place

Tatiana Pravda
Dolche Vita iz Gratsiano

Agrosoyuz Cup 2009
IPO1 Winner

Tatiana Pravda
Chelsea iz Gratsiano

Working results of our breeding dogs

Gratsiano breeding dogs live and compete in 17 countries of the world
Slovenia, Italy, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Spain, Poland, China, Malaysia, Canada, Belarus, Switzerland, England, Latvia, Brazil

This is our Pride!

WM FMBB-2019
Our breeding dogs from 4 countries in national Teams
2 dogs in final.

Анна Дьячек и Ferro iz Gratsiano – 12 место.
Ян Скогстер и Ukrainer iz Grastiano – 19 место.

Champion of Finland
2016 и 2018

Jan Skogster
Ukrainer iz Gratsiano

Championship of Russia IPO3 – 2015
The Best IPO3 results

Larisa Bahturina
Tuzbo iz Gratsiano

Training Camp
Gratsiano. Kiev. 2019.

Young Gratsiano 🙂

More results in our Blog

We can train dogs to win.
And our competition results speak for themselves